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Blue Express Trinidad & Tobago Shipping Rates

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Our U.S Address service allows you to shop your favorite U.S. websites and receive your purchases at home, work or our at one local stores.

Package 1LB ($3.54USD- $25.00TTD)

Package 2LB ($7.23USD - $49.00TTD)

Package 3LB (10.78USD - $73.00TTD)

Additional LB (2.30USD -$15.58TTD)

CIF VALUE  = Total Package Invoice  +Transportation + Insurance


Membership Fees 

Bronze - Free Membership

Silver - $150 

Gold - $180

Platinum - $230 

  • All packages entering the country are subject to inspection through Customs.

  • To get estimates for a package please ask our Customer Service for help.

All security documents with a tracking number will be treated as packages.

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